HireDelightful Features

Hire Process Design

Design and use your own hiring processes. Total control and flexability.

A great talent team has flexibility to experiment and evolve.

Culture Design

Skills can be taught. Experienced gained. Our values tend to stay the same and drive our behaviors and quality of work.

Define your culture and hire towards it.


Post jobs on any Career Site - or design your own using HireDelightful!

Recruit from anyhere: Indeed, LinkedIn, Employees or outside sources!

360 Reviews

HireDelightful uses 360 reviews and self assessments to help hire better for culture, skill and experience.

So, you can also use HireDelightful for your 360/180 review needs at no extra cost!

Say Hello to HireDelightful

HireDelightful has every feature you'd expect in a Hiring Platform -- plus the features of a 360 Review Tool!

Measure for Culture, Skills and Experience

Use assessments built into the hiring process (starting with the application) to start measuring a candidate's fit for your team, culture and job.

Referral and Source Tracking

Reporting & Analytics to help you track every applicant from the site (or employee referral) all the way to their first review (and beyond).

Improve your Hiring

Everything about HireDelightful is designed to help you improve your hiring. From optimum hiring flow (shown) to post-exit reports to help you refine your next hire and learn from mistakes automatically!


  • All features and capabilities.
  • Only hiring managers and your talent team require user seats
  • No contract. Monthly bill adjusts as you add and remove users.
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • All features and capabilities.
  • Switch users at will.
  • Amazing Customer Service